Remembering With Dignity

Remembering With Dignity is a coalition of disability rights organizations. We are working to honor people who lived and died in Minnesota's state institutions.

Since 1994, Remembering with Dignity has been:

  • Marking graves in institution cemeteries. Currently Minnesota has over 13,000 graves marked by only a numbered cement block – or with no marker at all. These must be given a marker with the person’s name, date of birth and date of death.
  • Gathering life stories of people with disabilities, particularly those who have lived in institutions.
  • Changing society by organizing people with disabilities to ensure full integration in community life and to prevent a return to institutionalization.
  • Raising public awareness about people with developmental disabilities.
  • Demanding an apology from the State of Minnesota for its treatment of people with disabilities kept in institutions. We got it in 2010, after 13 years! Read about it.

More than half done:
Since 1994, we have honored 7800 Minnesota graves with proper markers. Now we need to do the other 5200 that are still unmarked. Please consider supporting this effort.