Disability History Exhibit

Item #015 $5,900

What was life in the past like for persons with developmental and other disabilities? The Disability History Exhibit is a 22-panel collage that traces 3000 years of seldom-told history. From antiquity to the present, the exhibit brings viewers through an illustrated timeline that shows society’s attitudes and how they affect the lives of people with disabilities.

Viewers experience powerful feelings as they notice similarities between ancient practices and modern stereotypes. The exhibit is accessible at many levels, striking a balance between easily grasped information and a comprehensive history viewed from multiple angles.

Recommended Audience

Perfect for workshops, conferences and disability events, as well as on permanent display in high traffic hallways of larger organizations.

Photo of the whole history presentation set up and on display.

Exhibit Description

  • Twenty-two 25"x36" panels
  • Weighs 70 pounds (without case)
  • Panels are 600 dpi, full color with matte laminate
  • Sturdy 1/8" celtic board will not warp or bend
  • Hook Velcro on back of panels for easy mounting to fabric walls or displays
  • Removable hinges included for accordion style table top display (train five 8' tables together)

Item #015 $5,900
Shipping: At cost

(Carry Case: We suggest two separate cases with wheels for ease of transport. We will have them made for you; inquire about current cost.)

Disability History Exhibit - An Advocating Change Together product.

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