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Tools for Change: We write and sell leadership training materials, used by hundreds of self-advocacy groups (and students) across the nation. Many of our videos have won awards. Our handbooks help your group build skills together. (Since 1996)


Learning about disability history and the self-advocacy movement.

  • Self-Advocacy BINGO! (Item #110b)
  • Self-Advocacy BINGO! - Photo Gallery (Item #110p)
  • Leadership BINGO! (Item #111)
  • Collective Action BINGO! (Item #112)

Declarations of Independence (Item #180)

First-person values of self-advocacy.

Disability History Exhibit (Item #015)

Showing 3000 years of disability history in a compelling 22 panel display.

Disability, Identity and Culture (Item #005)

Exploring disability culture through art and politics (includes award-winning DVD.)

Freedom, Equality and Justice for All (Item #001)

Seeing self-advocacy as a civil rights movement (includes award-winning video.)

I Am A Person First (Item #030)

Understanding the value of values.

I Can Speak for Myself (Item #070)

The value of assertive communication for self-advocates.

Know Your Rights (Item #200)

Become familiar with the three main disability rights laws.

Meeting Builders

Self-Advocacy in 20 minutes.

  • Set #1 (Item #210)
  • Set #2 (Item #211)
  • Set #3 (Item #212)

My Choice, Your Decision (Item #004)

Comparing new fads in service delivery against what people really want for themselves. (includes award-winning DVD.)

Offense Taken (Item #220)

A documentary DVD about how one community responds to the R-word.

Reach for the Power Switch (Item #090)

How ordinary people can use power to make change.

We Have Human Rights (Item #230)

Handbook for people with develomental disabilities.

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