Self-Advocacy Academy

The Self-Advocacy Academy is a weekly program of sessions and activities to support you in discovering what you want in life and empowering you get it.
  • The Academy is an interactive program engaging participants in 2-hour sessions each week from 10am to noon currently offered on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday with remote and in-person options.
  • Organized in three trimesters of 13 sessions each. You’re never far from a new group beginging with start times in January, April and September. Participants commit to attending each session over the course of a year.
  • The ACT facilitators are trained experts in delivering the curriculum.
  • The Academy is unlicensed market-based service within the Family Training and Counseling services.
  • The Academy curriculum revolves around three goal areas:
    1. Building Personal Power
    2. Connecting to Disability Rights
    3. Building Stronger and More Inclusive Communities

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