Meet the ACT Team!

ACT is a member driven grass roots organization. We are focused on bringing groups of individuals together around the common goal of self-advocacy. ACT’s board serves two year terms and plays a critical role in keeping ACT self-advocate focused.

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The ACT Team

Jennifer Walton,
Executive Director, 651-641-0297

Adam Ruff, Self-Academy and Program Administrator, 651-641-0297

Nikki Villavicencio, Disability Culture and Leadership Specialist, 651-641-0297


ACT Self-Advocacy Academy Facilitators:

Cynthia Gayles

Shaunte Martin

Samuel Hesla

Tracy Olson

Bob Mendenhall

John Kleweno

Michele Gersich

Colleen Curran

Larry Dittberner

Meredith Kujala


ACT Consultants:

Donn PollMarketing and Media

Robert BrickExecutive Coaching

Larry DittbernerSide by Side Chorus Leader

Meredith Kujala– Conference Planning, Disability Power Day, Self-Advocacy Academy

Kara RichardExecutive Administration Support