SAM Organizers

DETS Reporting – beginning, middle and end of each course

DETS – Class Information– Submitted at the beginning of each DETS course –  required by funders – provides initial class information for tracking purposes – such as class size and location. 

DETS – Sectional Report – Submitted 3 times throughout the DETS course – After sessions 1-4 (Personal Power), 5-8 (Disability Rights) and then at the end of the course following sessions 9-12 (Community) – provides us with insights on areas of strength and weakness

DETS – End of Course Survey – Submitted at the end of each DETS course – required by funders, helps show impact from self-advocacy programs

SAM Reporting – monthly & yearly

SAM – Monthly Report – Submitted by the 3rd day of each month (reporting back on previous month) – required by funders – shows what was covered at self-advocacy meeting and how that was received. This can be replaced by a DETS survey or submitted in addition to one.   

SAM – End of Year Survey – Submitted at the end of the SAM contract year, September 1 – should be given to all self-advocates who have not completed the “DETS End of Course Survey” – Shows year-long effects from continued involvement in self-advocacy

If you prefer completing these reports via word document or by printing them and hand writing responses instead of using the above online forms you can download all of the reports/surveys here:

Review this page or this Reporting Requirements Summary for details on what to report on and when. The information we need to collect is available through online forms, word documents, or available for you to print. Please submit those online, via email as a word document attachment, photo attachment, or call in with answers to all of the fields on hand.