SAM Organizers

1.) DETS Reporting – beginning and end of each course

DETS – Class Information– Submitted at the beginning of each DETS course –  required by funders – provides initial class information for tracking purposes – such as class size and location.

Satisfaction Survey (word doc) or Online Form– Submitted at the end of each DETS course – required by funders, helps show impact from self-advocacy programs

2.) SAM Reporting – Yearly

Satisfaction Survey (word doc) or Online Form– Submitted every year in September- should be given to all self-advocates who have not completed it following a DETS course that year. This shows year-long effects from continued involvement in self-advocacy.

Ways to Conduct and Submit Reports

If you prefer completing these reports as a group (prefered method due to ease and speed) you can use the above links or the ones under group here, if you’d rather individuals complete then you can use the documents under that heading.

Group Style

Individual Style

Review this page for details on what to report on and when. The information we need to collect is available through word documents, or available for you to print. You can send as an email attachment, a hard copy in the mail, or you can call and report these verbally.