Disability Power Day

Disability Power Day is held virtually every Friday from 10am-11:15am EXCEPT the third week of the month. That week, Disability Power Day is held in-person on both Thursday and Friday from 10am-Noon. They are the same day – so only sign up for one.

Please review ACT’s meeting guidelines before attending or supporting others to attend in-person events register in-advance – this helps us prepare the right amount amount food. Contact Patrick at pmitchell@selfadvocacy.org, (612) 314-6497 to register groups of 10 or more or if you have any questions/concerns.

Disability Power Day came about from feedback following the Statewide Self-Advocacy Conference. Attendees loved the opportunity to meet people from other self-advocacy groups and they loved the workshops. People loved it so much we decided to launch a monthly mini conference which we call Disability Power Day. We cover important topics like building friendships, speaking up for yourself, connecting with your community, and learning about your human rights.